What is Net Zero?


What does Net Zero mean for your business?

‘Carbon neutral’, ‘climate neutral’ and ‘net zero’ all mean the same thing: a balance between the greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere and those absorbed back from the atmosphere in carbon sinks such as forests or oceans.

Net zero can be applied at a global, country, city or business level. For SMEs this means reducing a firm’s emissions as much as practically possible in the coming years while offsetting residual emissions with an accredited scheme.

We must reach net zero carbon emissions globally by 2050 to limit global warming to manageable levels.


Why should you care?

Starting the journey is essential to keep your business relevant and the quicker you get into gear, the easier it will be.

No matter how small your business or what industry you are in, your commitment can make a real difference – to the planet, to your customers and your running costs.

By reducing carbon emissions, you can cut energy and transport costs, qualify for tax benefits, meet environmental regulations, attract new customers and investors, help those in your supply chain meet new targets, and attract and retain employees who care about the environment.


How can you reduce your emissions?

Reduce your emissions: there are numerous ways you can start to reduce your emissions including - reducing the impact of transport, switching to electric vehicles, recycling more and reducing waste, investing in renewable energy sources, switching to a green energy provider, improving insulation and finding a greener supply chain.

Offset your emissions: by carbon offsetting and/or purchasing carbon credits.